About Gladwin Optical

It’s been almost fifteen years since Bhupinder Oberoi had first step foot into his then newly established optical business, Gladwin Optical. October 16, 1993 was a proud day for Bhupinder, as it was the beginning of a remarkable business. However, it wasn’t always easy for Bhupinder. His first few years in the optical line were tough for him as he coped with the typical problems of a new business. But he pulled through, especially with the help of co-owners (also brother and sister-in-law) Jaswinder and Parmjit Oberoi. Also working part-time at first, Bhupinder’s wife, Gurpreet Oberoi officially joined the Gladwin Optical crew in 2001.

Bhupinder first arrived in Canada in April 1990 and worked in a mill for three years. His friend suggested a career in the optical industry as he himself was in the business in Surrey. Now Bhupinder has a Masters Degree in Political Science and a Bachelors of Education from India. In Canada, he has studied for and is a qualified Optician and Contact Lens Fitter. He studied at the BC College of Optics in Vancouver.

Now, Gladwin Optical is a very successful and well-known business. "Good service and honesty and the key to my success," Bhupinder said. "Always give an honest opinion to your clients, never put down your competitors in front of customers," he added. It is this good attitude of his that ensures that Bhupinder has not conflict of interest with other optical stores in the area. This is the attitude that has got him far in the business.

Gladwin Optical offers a complete range of products and services, including eye glasses, contact lenses (coloured, clear, and disposable), and sunglasses. He also carries all brand names, including D&G, Versace, and Gucci. Bhupinder also gives his customers free sight tests. He also keeps up with new advancements in his field and was one of the first to buy the Eyelogic system (sight-test equipment) in Abbotsford.

When asked about his advice to youngsters out there who may be reading this, Bhupinder said this: "Focus on one thing. Do not start one thing and then just quit. If you do anything, concentrate and put your full effort into it. The main thing is honesty." This surely applies to other areas in life too. Bhupinder also stresses the importance of a "good reputation". Bhupinder also participates in sponsoring many community events. For his future plans for his business, Bhupinder hopes to open another location somewhere in the Lower Mainland.

Bhupinder's business is a family-oriented business, meaning that everyone is welcome in. His family, including his two oldest daughters and nephews, also help him with the business. He has much support in this field and is grateful for it every step of the way.

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